When an opportunity arises to make a Choice, Decision or Change, I think we've all heard someone say, "My mind is made up!" They might even add, "That's it!" or "End of conversation!", just for emphasis. We might have even said those words ourselves, but is that really true? Is our mind really made up, and with such conviction? And if it is, why? I reflected on instances where I've heard those words coming out of MY mouth and I realized that I took those words personally. I actually placed my "person-hood" within those words and dug a strong foundation of conviction around me with a big impenetrable fortress on top! I shut it DOWN! 

But today in my reading and meditation, I was reminded that I AM NOT MY MIND. I HAVE a Mind. I AM "I". The "I" that is the CENTER Of My Person-hood , or BE-ING. "I" have the Power To CHANGE MY MIND with POSITIVE AFFIRMATION At Any Time! So in essence, The Mind of My Mind, Is "I"! THAT'S HOT! This is true for YOU too! So Powerful! Say this Aloud... THE MIND OF MY MIND IS "I"!  And when "I" CHANGE MY MIND, "I" DIRECT THE ENERGY THAT CHANGES THE COURSE OF MY LIFE; AND EVERY PERSON, PLACE OR THING IN IT; IN THAT VERY MOMENT! Yes, Yes, YES! 

So, if this is true, then whose actually shuttin' it down saying, "My Mind Is Made Up and That's It, End of Conversation?" 

It's the (ME) MIND that WE ALLOW TO CONTROL our "I" CENTER of BE-ING, that's who. The (ME) MIND is heavily influenced and directed by outside energy forces ie: judgement, insecurities, false truths, competition, popular opinion and the big one... FEAR, just to name a few. Listening to this Mind ALWAYS works against us and NEVER serves our Greater Good. The actions that we take within this energy do not allow us to Grow and Transform in ways that honor us as Black Women. These actions only serve to feed our self limiting beliefs, shutting us off, shutting us down from our true Feminine Vibration of Peace, Love and Light. 

But when we come into ALIGNMENT with our Divine, Authentic "I" CENTER OF BE-ING and make the decisions, We know and understand that We Live In A Field Of ABUNDANCE and ALL THINGS Are Working Together For Our Greater Good!  FREE YOUR "I" MIND- The CENTER OF YOUR BE-ING my Sistahs. The Choices we make and the Actions we take Greatly and Directly Affect our Beautiful Black Families, Our Powerful Black Community and Our Dynamic Lives as Phenomenal Black Women, Mothers, Homemakers and Wives! Our Power To Change Is Within our Feminine Mind-Body-Spirit! Say This Aloud... IN ORDER FOR THINGS TO CHANGE, "I" MUST CHANGE! Keep the conversation open!

BE INSPIRED! Blessings and Happiness!

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