Monday, August 22, 2016


The Decisions and Choices that we make all day, everyday DEFINE WHO we are, WHAT we do, WHEN we do it, WHERE we are, WHY we do what we do, and HOW we do it! The Foundation of Our Decisions and Choices are rooted in the BELIEFS we have ABOUT OURSELVES and the VALUES we have FOR OURSELVES at our authentic inner CORE. How many times have we said "YES" when we know THAT should have been a "NO!" How many times have we soothed our hurting hearts with food or shopping? Or put someone else's wants above our own health, happiness and well-being? As Black Women, Homemakers, Moms and Wives it's so easy to do. And many times we believe it's the Right Thing to do! But WE ARE PEOPLE TOO! WE MATTER! And the more we understand, accept and acknowledge that, the more empowered we and our families will be! So Show yourSELF some love. Take some time today and consider YOUR VALUE. YOUR CORE VALUES. What do you stand on? Use them as an ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER that you consult with every time you need to make a decision or choice. These are mine above. I use them in my personal and business life experiences. They are priceless and have transformed my life! BEGIN WITH ONE and go from there! HONOR YOURSELF, DO IT NOW My Sistahs! I'm here if you need support, but I know you can do it!

BE INSPIRED! Blessings and Happiness!

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Monday, August 15, 2016


So Grateful To See Another Day Where We Can Live In ABUNDANT BEAUTY, HEALTH, HAPPINESS and WEALTH! Even If You Don't See This Manifested Physically In Your Life (yet)... SEE IT IN YOUR MIND. As Black Women, We Are Visionaries and The First Mothers On This Planet! Let The VISION Be Born! Plant The Seed. Water and Feed It With Belief, Prayer and ACTION Everyday! Then Watch It Appear and Grow Into Your Body and Physical World, As It Elevates and Empowers Your Spirit! EDUCATE and ENLIGHTEN Your MIND-BODY-SPIRIT To Bring ABUNDANT BEAUTY, HEALTH, HAPPINESS and WEALTH Into Your Life! DO IT, DO IT AGAIN, and AGAIN! Then TEACH YOUR FAMILY To DO IT! Create A Living Legacy Of Everyday Abundance Together For Today, Tomorrow and Generations To Come! 

BE INSPIRED! Blessings and Happiness!

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Monday, August 8, 2016


Peace and Blessings My Sistahs! We are Here To See Another Day! Praises To The Most High! We Have Another Day To LEARN, TEACH, INSPIRE, EMPOWER, SERVE, HEAL and LOVE ON Ourselves and Our Families! As Black Women, OUR BEAUTY SHINES IN ALL THAT WE ARE AND ALL THAT WE DO! This Authentic, Meaningful Work That We Do As Homemakers, Wives and Mothers IMPACTS Not Only Ourselves and Our Families, But Our Local and World Community As Well. We Are The Beautiful Black Women, Who Empower Our Beautiful Black Families To Empower Our Amazing, Dynamic Black Community and World! Our Work ENERGIZES Mother Earth! Stay In Alignment With Her! Be Joyful and Celebrate Feminine Mind-Body-Spirit! Everyday, We Not Only MAKE A Difference, WE ARE THE DIFFERENCE! Know, Accept and Love, YourSELF Always!! 

BE INSPIRED! Blessings and Happiness!

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Friday, August 5, 2016


ABUNDANT BEAUTY, HEALTH, HAPPINESS and WEALTH! I am so happy to be back with you! I've been continuing on this path of 90 Day Transformation Cycles for mySELF and my business, DYNAMICMOM ENTERPRISES. Along this 2 year journey so far, with the ebb and flow of growth and progress, I've been inspired to take small breaks from all my online, outer spaces and go within to reconnect, realign and BREATTHE: Be Relaxed Energy Always Transcending To Higher Elevation! The challenge in taking any project forward; especially "project me"; can become overwhelming and steal our breath away, literally. As we try new ideas and concepts, if we don't have enough clarity or certainty, the FEAR of not knowing how things will turn out or how they will be received can really stress us out if we let it! And making decisions based in fear never work in our best interest.

I'm learning that when we don't stop to BREATTHE, we sometimes create this gargantuan task within our project, that grows so big in our minds that it can shut us down in our mind-body-spirit. We start telling ourselves things like, "What was I thinking, I've got way too much on my plate to do this" or "Nobody's gonna get this" or "I just can't do this!" When we start questioning ourselves and our actions, that's a notification that it's time to make the choice to STOP and BREATTHE! I became overwhelmed with all the goals that I created for myself on this part of my Transformation Project and I needed to BREATTHE, so I stopped posting to my blogs and social media. I realized that I needed to focus on living and creating so that I had something to share. And during these now 4 months that I've been silent, I went within to live, to reconnect, realign and birth new information. And explore new ways to share this information with you that engage and celebrate my happiness and authentic creativity! My upcoming book is a result of this experience! So excited! I'll keep you posted for the release date!

I also realized that I overwhelmed myself because I told myself lies, that all my written offerings had to be these perfect, long profound novel style blogs and posts that I labored over for hours and days that would blow your mind EVERYTIME! It was exhausting just thinking about it! I was not loving mySELF doing that. I learned that a great graphic with a short and concise few words or short story following it, can offer just as powerful a message! So I can continue now! Allowing mySELF to Let Go and BREATTHE, opened up a space of Freedom and Belief within me, and with that, I hope to open up that space within you.

My sistah, I encourage you to STOP and BREATTHE: Be Relaxed Energy Always Transcending To Higher Elevation! Create that Powerful Space of FREEDOM & BELIEF inside of you so that you can Engage and Celebrate Your Happiness and Authentic Creativity! BREATTHE Into Your Next Level!

BE INSPIRED! Blessings & Happiness!

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Recently, my husband and I were reminiscing about our early days as highschool sweethearts at Brooklyn Tech H.S. in NYC. Class of '82! Woohoo! He was an aeronautics major on the football team and I was an architecture major on the cheering squad! Fun times! During that conversation, I recalled what my VISION and DREAMS were for my future at that time. I saw this picture of my future self...

Married To My Soulmate (Vincent)
* 2 Children- 1 Girl, 1 Boy
* Living In A Beautiful Home With A Yard
* Owning My Own Business (that makes a real difference in the lives of others)
* Dance Instructor/ Choreographer 
* College Degree
* Educator
* Driving A Cute But Practical "Mommy" Car, Red or Burgundy!  

I always kept this picture in my mind and in my heart. I was so passionate about it! As I worked toward it little by little, my "future" self became my "now" self. It took a little over 20 years for the whole of my dreams to physically manifest and as they did, I was so happy, grateful and ready to receive each one of them... 

* My Husband and Soulmate, Vincent! 
* Our Two Children: 1 Girl- Nakkiyya Amira! 1 Boy- Hasaan Ajaye! 
* Our Beautiful Home with a Yard (one of the last dreams to manifest and we actually watched it being built from the ground up!)
* My Own (Homebased) Business- DYNAMICMOM ENTERPRISES (that makes a real difference in the lives of homemakers, moms and wives!) 
* Dancer/Instructor/Choreographer (Modern, Jazz, Bellydance)! 
* Liberal Arts/ Social Science Degree: College of New Rochelle Class of '98 (with HONORS, 2 babies and a husband!) HARD WORK!
* Educator: Cultural & Performing Arts, Feminine Empowerment, AND Homeschooled Our Children (for 11years!) 
* My Cute Burgundy-Red Hyundai Tuscon SUV! We call it- "The DynamicMom Mobile!" 


But the saying is true, "Be Careful What You Wish For, You Just Might Get It!" I say, YOU WILL Get It!" Along with the fulfillment of my dreams...came a humbling reminder. With every blessing came the "next level challenges, lessons and tests." And as it turns out, by the grace of The Most High, I was ready for those too. What doesn't break you, makes you stronger and more wise, right? So true! So true! Wow!   

Vincent and I are now married 31-1/2 years... and counting, Praise be to the Most High! 

Our children are now ages 27yrs- Nakkiyya and 25yrs- Hasaan. They are living incredible lives by their design; and it is so amazing to watch their visions unfold and manifest as they grow. 

In raising them I've learned that as we MOVE towards our future and our dreams with Intention, VISION, Passion and Joy; we CREATE footprints in the sand for our children to follow. Here they can IMAGINE how they can CREATE and MOVE towards their future and manifest their dreams! It's a dynamic relationship. A beautiful authentic journey for us all!  


Keep Dreaming! Keep Moving! When We Have VISION, Our Families Win! We Are UNSTOPPABLE! 

BE INSPIRED! Blessings and Happiness!

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Saturday, March 5, 2016


Getting things done is our job description as homemakers, moms and wives. Everyday, all day, it's what we do. But how do we get ready to do...what we do? How do we prepare? What specific things, if any, do we do to fuel and inspire us? I thought about that and decided to observe myself for a few days to see if there was an answer to these questions. And guess what? There was! My self observation revealed that I do the same 4 things every morning before I start my job of getting things done! Without fail. Amazing! So I decided to give this phenomena a name.  

Here's My 4 STEP MORNING HEALTH and BEAUTY ROUTINE! It jump starts my day!

#1. YOGA and MEDITATION: Helps me connect with my center, flexibility, flow and breath! 

#2. SHOWER and PUT ON SOMETHING PRETTY: Working from home presents the challenge of, well...Being At Home! Unlike my family, for me, HOME Is My Workplace and getting dressed helps me feel Productive, Creative and Successful!

#3. PUT ON MY MAKEUP: I Always like to look finished in my fave AVON Makeup! So I wear a little Mineral Face powder, Eye Shadow, Eye Liner, Mascara and a Moisturizing Lipstick. I also make sure my Eyebrows are tight. They frame the face. With my makeup done, I'm now fully dressed and ready to answer the door for deliveries or mail, film a video, or run a quick errand to the post office, bank or store! 

#4. PREPARE MY HYDRATION STATION: I work at my computer in my office for a good part of the day and I need to stay hydrated. So every morning when I come downstairs, I prepare a cup of my faaavvee Organic Coffee... Organo Gold Black with brown sugar in my DME Logo Mug! Then I make some Green Tea with raw honey in my DME Travel Mug and also grab a bottle of water. I place them all on the silver platter at my work station and sip away to keep me feeling alert, happy, hydrated and beautiful all day! My Hydration Station provides me with antioxidants, lots of energy, detoxification, a clear and focused mind and beautiful skin too! *Recently I added an adorable tumbler of green juice with kale, bananas, apples, carrots and berries into the mix. Delish! 

So what I learned from this little experiment in self observation is that I combine 4 separate "habits" or "activities" into 1 "routine" that I do every morning. This routine gets me ready to get things done! This might sound a little like "multi-tasking", but I think it's different. I do my 4 habit activities 1 at a time, not overlapping. I complete 1 before I begin the next. However, I complete them all within a given space in time. A time block or what I like to call, a time window. So with this information, I've renamed this process and call this habit combining routine an "ACTIVITY CIRCLE" and I've also begun to apply it to my "getting things done" job as well. 

For instance, I'll check my planner to see what's on deck for today (I plan my To Do List the night before). Then I'll create Activity Circles from my list. Here are some examples...

1) Check My Email
2) Social Media Engagement 
3) Schedule Social Media Posts

1) Prep For Video
2) Film Video
3) Write Blog Post
1) Wipe Down Table and Counter Tops
2) Sweep Kitchen Floor
3) Mop Kitchen Floor

1) Write Out Meal List For The Week In My Meal Planner 
2) Make Shopping List Of Ingredients In My Meal Planner 
3) Eat A Snack (prep for #4)
4) Go Food Shopping With My List (I never go food shopping when I'm hungry- dangerous :-)

1) Wash Laundry
2) Dry Laundry
3) Fold Laundry
4) Put Laundry Away

**Below is the Activity Circle I do at Dawn, BEFORE my 4 Step Morning Health and Beauty Routine Above. Everyday I am Blessed to Wake Up I....

1) Pray
2) Make Bed 
3) Read From Spiritual Text 

And there you have it! The interesting thing that I discovered, is that I was already doing these "Activity Circles", now I just acknowledge them. And I'm grateful for them too. I hope that you'll be inspired to create and/or acknowledge your own ACTIVITY CIRCLES to help you get things done in your Dynamic Homemaker-Mom-Wife Life! Let me know how it goes!  

BE INSPIRED! Blessings and Happiness!

"The DynamicMom"
Empowering The Lives Of Homemakers, Moms and Wives!

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Thursday, March 3, 2016


Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation that is extremely stressful and tension filled. If we perceive this to be some sort of test or trial from on high, we're probably right. Now it's up to us to learn the lessons, make the necessary changes in our lives and pass the test. If we don't learn and self correct, the test WILL present itself again and again. Spiritual tests are necessary for our personal growth and development. They shine a light on the problem (our weakness), present the solution and challenge us to embrace it. 

If we encounter difficulty in conquering the challenge and moving past the test, it indicates that we are out of Divine Alignment, still "inside" of the problem. Connected to it. In relationship with it, like a partnership or soulmate. We must position ourselves "outside" of the issue to get a different perspective on it, to be able to accept the solution. In order to do that...we must B.R.E.A.T.T.H.E!  BE RELAXED ENERGY ALWAYS TRANSCENDING TO HIGHER ELEVATION! 

The Strength Of The Human Spirit Is Incredible. The Strength Of The Human Feminine Spirit Is PHENOMENAL! 

B.R.E.A.T.T.H.E and Believe!

*This post was inspired by a social media post I saw today from a sistah-friend going through a test. I know she will be just fine!

BE INSPIRED! Blessings and Happiness!

"The DynamicMom"
Empowering The Lives Of Homemakers, Moms and Wives!

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Sunday, February 21, 2016


The other day, I was designing new graphics for my websites and blogs. As I "played" with this particular picture, I tried a graphic effect that I hadn't tried before and I instantly saw something beautiful. Something that made me sit back in my chair breathless, speechless. When a word did make it's way from my lips it was, "Wow!" I just kind of sat mesmerized by this image that I felt I was guided, instructed even, to create. Then words started coming and I typed the inspirational message that you see above. I feel like I was even guided to choose this font. This was truly a Divine Experience! Similar to when I write a poem. So now as I write this post, I'm inspired to add this... 

As Homemakers, Moms and Wives, we always have a full plate. So full that sometimes we forget to eat. We forget to feed and nurture our feminine spirit. Our daily lives can become so mechanical, so out of touch with our divine essence that we feel non-existent. And as we start to whither and shrink away inside, we yearn for our husband, children, friends, family, somebody to rescue us, acknowledge us, and build us back up. We forgot that at the center of all, we are Divine Beings.  


I published this picture on my website and phoned my mother soon after to invite her to have a look at it. Her response was exactly like mine, "Wow!" What a blessing! Remember my beautiful sistahs; WHAT we are as Dynamic Feminine Energy, Love and Light empowers WHO we are as Homemakers, Moms and Wives! 

So Cry Those Tears of Joy and Delight! Re-Align With Your Divine! Know Your Authentic Beautiful Self and Celebrate!   

BE Inspired!

The DynamicMom
"Empowering The Lives Of Homemakers Moms and Wives!"

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


HOMEMAKINGA concept that is either loved and appreciated or regarded as some kind of dinosaur from the 1950's :-) I personally believe that HOMEMAKING IS A BEAUTIFUL ART and I take great JOY in doing it!

I've been a Homemaker for 31 years and FULL TIME for almost 20 of them! Over the years, I've learned to really appreciate and be grateful for this calling on my life. Providing and maintaining a clean, organized home, allows me to Create A Center Of Love, Healing, Education, Enterprise and Empowerment for my family. Every amazing thing they have done, do, and will do, comes from the energy of this sanctuary that I nurture everyday. 

As Women, Moms and Wives, what we do is largely taken for granted. Especially our Homemaking, even by ourselves. We need to stand tall in this Divine Work that we do everyday. 

Throughout my Homemaker Career I've heard all too frequently; "When are you going to get a job and help your husband?" "Oh, well YOU DON'T WORK Salimah" and my favorite, "Your house is too clean and organized, you have too much time on your hands!" Wow, Wow, Wow! Early on, I'd get really peeved at these statements, but then I learned not to let them infiltrate my spirit. I'd just say quietly to myself, "Forgive them Salimah, for they know not what they say!" :-) I know that my becoming a Full-Time Homemaker was BY CHOICE, (with a college degree and a teaching career behind me). My husband has come home to a clean home and delicious dinner every night and he never had to hire a Cook, Housekeeper, or Childcare AND his wife (me), Homeschooled BOTH of our children for 11 years, while running a Homebased Business as well! :-) Our children are now adults working in their careers and sharing their Divine Gifts with the world! 

STAND TALL IN YOUR DIVINE WORK AS HOMEMAKER! By providing and maintaining a clean,organized home, you are Creating A Center Of Love, Healing, Education, Enterprise and Empowerment for your family EVERYDAY!    

So now I'll make my Public Declaration: My Name Is Salimah Abdullah-King, and YES, I AM A HAPPY and GRATEFUL HOMEMAKER! :-) JOIN ME in Making Yours! 

Happy Mindful, DYNAMIC Living!

The DynamicMom
"Transforming Women's Lives By Empowering The Feminine Spirit!"

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Friday, December 11, 2015


MOMSPIRATION: "Keep HAPPINESS in your heart as you work toward SUCCESS in your Business, Project or Goal! ALWAYS remember WHY you embarked on this journey!" 

As 2015 comes to an end, so does the 3rd cycle of my 90 Day Transformation Project! What a fantastic learning process this has been! With all the reading, study and mentorship, I've really been stretched and expanded in my thinking, understanding, skill sets, patience, my capacity to embrace change and most of all, belief in my ability to make this happen! And with all that said, the most phenomenal thing I have learned during this whole 270 day process is that my transformation has lead me right back to the beginning. I have come full circle, with new knowledge and information, back to my Authentic Purpose. WHY I founded DYNAMICMOM ENTERPRISES in the first place... To Use My Life As A Woman, Mom and Wife, To Empower Women, Moms and Wives! To use my knowledge and education ie: experiences, lessons, divine gifts and skill sets to COACH and TEACH. 


For many years, I tried to fit my authentic purpose inside of the Direct Sales/ MLM arena partnering as a distributor/consultant/representative with various companies. I thought this platform would help to actualize my mission and make my business a success. That leg of my journey, while being one of my most educational, interesting experiences; never fulfilled my purpose, my mission or my vision for DYNAMICMOM ENTERPRISES. I spent years being frustrated and feeling like a failure because I never attained the upper levels of achievement set by any of those matter how faithfully I worked. I was out of alignment. I lost my Happiness, and I questioned my abilities. And it was not for lack of support either, I had the best from my Mother, my Husband and my Children. 

This year, 2015 has been my awakening. I realized I spent 20 years focusing my energy and efforts on fulfilling someone else's purpose, someone else's mission, someone else's vision. And while Direct Sales/MLM is an amazing industry, It was not a good fit with my business. It took my energy, my attention and my focus away from my purpose. I needed a new model, a new direction and I was ready for a Big Change. That was the catalyst for these 3 Cycles of 90 Day Transformation Projects.   

Today, I am so thankful for this journey. I have emerged riding on a wave of acceptance and gratitude...for all I have learned, for those I have met, and for the road ahead. And with that, I have chosen to KEEP MY PURPOSE, MY MISSION and MY VISION FOR MY BUSINESS FRONT AND CENTER! So I have arrived back in my authentic purpose. My Why. To Use My Life To EMPOWER Women, Moms and Wives! To use my knowledge and education ie: experiences, lessons, divine gifts and skill sets to COACH and TEACH. To Empower The Women, Who Empower The Families That Empower The World! 


Stay TRUE To Your Purpose, Your Mission, Your Vision and Your Dream! "Keep HAPPINESS in your heart as you work toward SUCCESS in your Business, Project or Goal! ALWAYS remember WHY you embarked on this journey!" 

Happy Mindful, DYNAMIC Living! 

The DynamicMom
"Transforming Women's Lives by Empowering The Feminine Spirit"

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