In my 27 year career as Wife and Mother, I have been presented with a myriad of issues, problems, situations and such that have made me want to 1)change my name, 2)stay in bed forever or 3)run away from home, swear myself to secrecy and tell no one where I am! Although I’ve seriously considered each of those choices at one point or another, ultimately I knew none were the answer to my pending question, “What about me?” I was giving, doing and being for everyone else, and to what end? Does it ever end? And, who cares, not them!

Midway in my career, after an exasperated proclamation of “I Give Up!” to myself of course; I ascended into a quiet moment of introspective meditation. Elevated from my ego mind I was shown the answer to my pending question. I heard, “It’s ALL About You!” In that moment of clarity, I was made to “overstand” that the resistance I sometimes felt from my family, was actually a Divine Metaphysical Workout! Infinite Wisdom was flexing, stretching and strengthening my spiritual muscles. My faith was being shaped and defined by each challenge. My empathic, compassionate healing abilities were being heightened and engaged. I was being taught patience, creativity and flexibility. My Divine Instruction was increasing my capacity to Love and teaching me how to listen inwardly. In that moment I learned that raising my children and attending to my husband is my ministry; an enriching and blessed experience for which I was Divinely chosen. In the beginning was the Word and The Word was Good. The Word was Me! I am The Good. YOU are the good my Sistah. Together we make a tremendous difference in the lives of our families, community and one another. Although challenging and frustrating at times, Infinite Wisdom has enabled us to do just that. Remember, “It’s ALL About You!” *Be Fierce, Be Feminine and Always Be Fabulous! I love you!

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