One of the greatest lessons I have learned in my time on this planet is that We Are Dynamic, Evolving Beings. Our lives, thoughts, beliefs, needs and wants are in Constant Divine Motion. Change and Growth are available to us everyday and when we are in alignment with this fact, we feel Good, We feel Fulfilled, we feel Grateful, we feel Empowered! Living life at this frequency is true Freedom and the only way this Freedom will cease to exist, is if we stop Dreaming. Through our dreams, we engage our Inner-vision and we begin to imagine what will be. Everytime we imagine our future, we create a path towards it! As we continue to imagine our future and move toward manifesting it, we model this behavior for our children and pass on the legacy freedom! As mothers, many of us have given up on our dreams. It's never too late to dream! If you feel you're not living your Best Life, you're out of alignment with Dynamic Change and Growth. Get back in the Divine Flow! Re-Connect with Your Dreams! And as you imagine your future and create your path towards it, you will begin to Re-Design, Re-Invent and Re-Affirm The Authentic- YOU! 

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