ABUNDANT BEAUTY, HEALTH, HAPPINESS & WEALTH! Today, I Feel So Free! This year my homebased company DYNAMICMOM ENTERPRISES Is 8 Years Old! I've experienced ups, downs and all arounds as any mompreneur running her own company would. At times I have strayed from my mission to conform with the purpose and goals of the people and network marketing companies I have partnered with along the way. That has NEVER served me well because our purposes were not authentically aligned. To my partners it appeared that my focus was off and underneath I felt  frustration and failure over and over again because success continued to evade me. But it was not my vision of success that I could not attain, it was theirs, and that is what I choose to release and let go. So today, I Feel Free. I'm letting go of other people's concepts of success and what I should be. Letting go is allowing me to grow and connect with the flow of my creative spirit. It's allowing me to re-connect with the authentic mission, vision and core values of my company. Although I partnered with various companies to distribute their products, I am the owner of DYNAMICMOM ENTERPRISES and they are my vendors who have the amazing products, ecommerce platforms and structure necessary for me to retail them at my website in addition to my Personal Lifestyle Empowerment Offerings. Today I Am Free, thinking about the same message brought to me by different people (my mother, my husband, my children, my friends) who love me and care about my mission and my work over these years confirming what I already knew. Today I Am Free because I AM ALL IN Ready, to travel the true path to MY SUCCESS. The path that is engaging, fulfilling and empowering to MY Feminine Spirit. It's what I teach everyday, and I AM ready and willing to accept, receive and forgive ALL that awaits me on this path. The Phenomenal Women that I serve, deserve to be honored by Salimah "The DynamicMom" walking in Abundant Beauty, Health, Happiness & Wealth! Today, I AM REBORN! I AM SUCCESS! I AM FREE!  Happy Spring!

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