Moving through my 90 DAY TRANSFORMATION I'm truly joyful each time that I "Star" or "Smiley Face" an accomplishment on my Project Board! I did however notice that I was still struggling with posting to my social media on a consistent basis. This is key to my Core Focus of CONTENT CREATION and COMMUNITY BUILDING so I needed to really get this going. Finally I was inspired during a meditation to create a daily topic list for the week! So I did a Brain Dump (I'll share my Brain Dump process in a future post), organized my thoughts, and here's the result. THE DYNAMICMOM DAILY! I created this poster and added it to my website on the "Connect With Me" Page.
I Love This! It's my weekly map for what I'll share everyday. Now I have better clarity in the choosing and creation of the content that I will to schedule as posts to my social media pages. I decided to launch The DYNAMICMOM DAILY on Monday, April 6, 2015. So Connect With Me on social media too! I'm so excited and ready to share all the fabulous fun & info with you everyday! This 90 DAY TRANSFORMATION is truly empowering me to produce and achieve through focused intent and I hope that the sharing of my journey, is inspiring yours!

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