I've been a Full Time HOMEBASED Wife/Mother/Homemaker/Mompreneur for 19 years, BY CHOICE! It's a Fabulously, Challenging, Amazing, Frustrating, Rewarding Life! Those who have never walked in our shoes can NEVER understand what we experience on a daily basis. Although our work is meaningful, one day can flow into the next as a blur of never ending monotonous tasks. My sistahs, I feel your pain, your joy, your laughter and your tears. Below are 5 things that have helped me to not only get through each day, but grow and excel in my passion and incredible life as The DynamicMom! Try them and experience the difference in your life!

#1 GET DRESSED!Just because we're at work as soon as we wake up and roll out of bed doesn't mean we have to live in our fuzzy robe and slippers! Getting Dressed Everyday Makes Our Life Feel Beautifully PurposeFULL! It Creates Dynamic, Flowing, Something To Do Energy" throughout our day. Getting dressed could not only put a dance step into your
vacuum routine, but also keep you from hiding behind the door as you answer it for your UPS Shipment! This is how I do Jeans and a T-shirt! We can feel comfortable without looking frumpy:-) I call it my DynamicMom Style! As a Work From Home Professional Mom, we are the Face Of Our Business, LITERALLY. It's important to be Polished even in Professional-Casual Running Errands Mode. And speaking of polished, it's Spring so be sure your pedicure is poppin' in your pretty sandals, NOT FLIP FLOPS! Wear your natural-neutral makeup, and carry a fabulous bag with your business cards, your planner to schedule followup calls and some blank index cards and a pen to collect contact info. Always Be About Your Business! You Are Your Brand and Your Brand Is Your Message. Make an attractive impression when you're dropping off or picking up kids, making a new friend in the produce aisle or in line at the post office, you're ready, confident, professional and fabulously fit for action! So do your hair, put on some mascara and lipgloss, a fave piece of jewelry and a fabulous, fun and comfy outfit! Don't forget your most fabulous accessory, Your Beautiful Smile!


Working From Home means living in the face of NEVER ENDING CHORES! To address this, create a HOUSEWORK SCHEDULE! Customize it around the flow of your week and family activities. Separate your tasks throughout the week to break up the monotony and put no more than 3 tasks on any given day. Do alittle each day and EVERTHING gets done! (assign age appropriate chores to your children as well!)


These are just a very few of the books that I read again and again as audios, digital or hardcopy. Audio books especially have been a saving grace for me while I was raising my now adult children. I listened to them back in the day on my Sony Cassette Walkman, lol! I also played them on the stereo boom box at home so the kids could hear too. They grew up in personal development mode, powerful! Work From Home Professional Moms MUST constantly infuse our mind-body-spirit with Positive Messages and Dynamic Information that helps us Grow & Go! You can listen to books on your Kindle or Tablet, your Phone, Your Laptop, all your mobile devices. When you drive, connect your mobile to your stereo via "aux" cord and BE EMPOWERED during kid drop off and pick up, while running your errands, driving to meetings, home parties or delivering products to clients! Audio books are great to listen to while composing your emails, newsletter, social media or blog posts; even while doing the laundry or cooking dinner! As I compose this post, I'm listening to Creating Affluence: Wealth Consciousness in the Field Of All Possibilities by Deepak Chopra, right on my Kindle!   


You and Your Homebased Business deserve a Fabulous Office Workspace! Your business documents, client files, samples, demos, products, catalogs, marketing materials, planner, calendar, computer, etc; should all be in one designated organized space. Choose a space in your home where you can have private time for conference calls and webinars with clients and partners. Inform your family of the rules of your workspace (hubby included) and invite them to visit. Even though doing laundry and cooking dinner is work, there's a paradigm shift when you're "working" in an "office", especially for our families:-) One big rule for you- NO HOUSEHOLD PAPERS, BILLS OR DOCUMENTS IN YOUR HOMEBASED BIZ OFFICE SPACE. Keep household documents and files in your family home office space, or desk. The size of your space doesn't matter. I started off years ago with a small desk in the corner of the living room in our small apartment. It's evolved over the years, and is still evolving, change and growth is good:-) The space shown above is our re-purposed dining room! Let your office say "This Is My Fabulous Space and I Love Working Here!" Be Creative, Be Beautiful and Be Happy! 


A Concept that has been really key for me on this 30 year journey as Wife, Mother and Work From Home Professional is the concept of CORE VALUES. I've learned that it is extremely important to know and honor my value, my mission and my vision. Looking over my adult life, I realized that the times when I didn't feel like I fit in or when I felt like a failure, or judged my performance harshly in comparison to others, were actually the times when I was dishonoring myself. I either set unrealistic expectations or was "all-in-dedicated" to fulfilling someone else's dream. Those experiences helped me to know that I didn't know... my values. My Ultimate Success would not follow that path. I've since learned that my values are at my core, the center of my being: mySELF. They are the inspired vibration from which I live, not just words that sound important when spoken or look good on paper. My CORE VALUES validate me. In my business, they help me STRETCH Myself. They're MEASURABLE and AUTHENTIC. They allow me to RECORD my progress and designate spaces in TIME for action and results. My CORE VALUES are S.M.A.R.T. (People define this acronym in various ways. This is how I choose to define it). I've always regarded my business, DYNAMICMOM ENTERPRISES, as an extension of myself and the Core Values shown here from the "About Us" page at my website reflect that. They are the link that connects the two: Salimah Abdullah-King and DynamicMom Enterprises. I live my life and run my business with my Core Values at the center therefore I AM SUCCESS! I AM HAPPY! I AM WHOLE!
I hope you found something of value to implement into your life from this offering! Share with me. I'd love to hear! Be Pro-Active, Be Professional, BE PRO-YOU!  
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