As the women of our households, whether we're moms, wives or both, I like to refer to us as DIRECTORS OF HUMAN RESOURCES and HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT! This is our 1st Job. Our MOST Important Work. Everything else we do should enhance and be inspired by THIS WORK. Through this definitive work we TEACH and LEARN the greatest lessons of our lives simultaneously, while IMPACTING the lives of our families. It's our GREATEST ACT OF SERVICE! And still many of us have been misdirected to misunderstand the full engagement, the covenant and the Measurable, Scientific, Mathematical VALUE that is embedded in what we do. LET'S TALK NUMBERS, using me as an example!

Here's my daughter Nakkiyya Amira (gracing us with a visit)! Her name means Beautiful Princess! Her current age is 26 years and 9 months.
26y x 365(days in a year)= 9,490 + 273 (9mos)= 9,763 Days I Have Served As Her Mother! But wait, there's more... 9,763 x 24(hours in a day)= 234,312 Hours I Have Served As Her Mother!

Here's my son Hasaan Ajaye (at a local karate tournament)! His name means Handsome Warrior! His current age is 24 years and 3 months.
24y x 365= 8,760 + 89= 8,849 Days I Have Served As His Mother! And wait for it... 8,849 x 24= 212,376 Hours I Have Served As His Mother!

Here's My Vincent! My Sweetielove (in our sofa selfie)! This Blog Post is actually inspired by a conversation he and I had in the kitchen. HE actually calculated the days of work I've served as his wife! This post is an expansion on that info! I told him I'd write about it, thanks babe! We've been married 30 years and 8 months.
30y x 365= 10,950 + 273= 11,192 Days I Have Served As His Wife! 11,192 x 24= 268,608 Hours I Have Served As His Wife!

I've been told that to attain the dubious distinction of EXPERT at something, you have to complete 10,000 hours of study and experiential practice. That's 1 year + 1.5 months or 13.5 months or 416.66 days. However you choose to look at it, what do you see here from just my life? They say numbers don't lie right? And for those who need to see a monetary value, let's use $10/hr:
in Total MOTHER/HOMEMAKER WORK (234,312hrs + 212,376hrs)= 446,688hrs at $10/hr = $4,466,880 AND
in Total WIFE/HOMEMAKER WORK (268,608hrs) at $10/hr = $2,686,080 but wait...
TOTAL WIFE/MOTHER/HOMEMAKER WORK (446,688hrs + 268,608hrs) x $10/hr = $7,152,960!
Now attach a more realistic wage and itemize the services within each service ie; housekeeping, cooking, medical, moms taxi, counselor, organizer, accountant, mediator, administrative management, educator, etc! And this is just my numerical story :-)
Discover YOU by the numbers! Of course the love, emotion and sacrifice that we give all day everyday is immeasurable by time or monetary standards. This was but a display in the numerical realm. CONTINUE TO DO WHAT YOU DO! Be Happy and Grateful For Your Sacred Existence and Your Ability To Serve, even in and especially in the daily mundane. As our children grow, we too grow in our mothering. It changes along the way, but it never stops. That's what I'm learning. And to MY PHENOMENAL MOTHER whose oldest child of 4 (ME); is 50years and 8months of age, ThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYou... 18,250 Days/ 443,808Hours/ $4,438,080! I can never truly repay you. The Daily Commitment and Dedication I Give My Family/Life Work Is A Display of My Gratitude and Love For What You Have Given and Continue To Give To Me. I Love You Always!

DO THE MATH MY SISTAHS! Discover You By The Numbers and Appreciate The Value of Your Work On Whole New Level! YOU ARE VALUED!

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