Took alittle time away receive, reorganize, restructure and renew during my 90 Day Transformation Project part 2! As I get older and wiser, I realize that it's both important and courageous to acknowledge when we need to make change and then give ourselves the freedom, space and time to do so. Change is never easy, but it is necessary for growth! So I've been in my "laab" space (Living And Allowing Breakthroughs)! Studying, Educating, Learning from my mentors, alittle Traveling and alot of Yoga, Meditation, Breathing and Business development! Stopping to savor, appreciate and enjoy this abundantly beautiful, healthy, happy and wealthy life I am so blessed to live with my husband and family! And being grateful in accepting and focusing on what is truly important at this time in my life. Wow! So the shift has begun. Remember, your choice to commit to change and grow is the catalyst to transformation in your entire life! People, places, circumstances and things. My son snapped this pic of me earlier in the process but today, I'm on day 76 of 90 in this 2nd transformation cycle. You'll begin to see how my change transitions DynamicMomEnterprises.com So as you read this, I hope that my transparent work and growth is an inspirational message that truly empowers you! 

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