Sometimes we see ourselves too small. We put our energy, thoughts and actions into the little things, the "just getting by things", the "safe things", the things that others believe we should do, be or have. But we were born to do more that just "get by" or work hard toward someone else's dream. We were born to LIVE OUR DREAMS, Be OUTSTANDING and THRIVE IN EXCELLENCE! So for today, ALLOW yourself MORE THAN YOU EVER DREAMED POSSIBLE! Take that OUTRAGEOUS Dream, Goal, Thought, or Project off the shelf and take ONE ACTION towards it today. If you just take ONE STEP in honor of yourself, the universe will take TWO in support of you! I know this to be ABSOLUTELY TRUE! I needed to write this today to remind me of what I already know. Practicing this concept has helped me to LIVE MY DREAMS such as; Getting Married and Staying Married for 31 years and counting, Raising and Homeschooling My Children Before It Was Acceptable, Completing My Degree as an Honors Graduate with 2 babies and a husband, Starting and Running My Business From Home, Keeping My Focus On Empowering Women as Moms, Wives, Homemakers and Homebased Business Owners When It Was Not Popular, and a few other things I'll save for another post. This picture makes me happy. It symbolizes CLEAR and TOTAL ACCEPTANCE, PURPOSE and HAPPINESS! It is the NEW BRANDING, THE NEW FACE of not just my Business, DynamicMomEnterprises.com, but MY LIFE At This Time! IT IS POSSIBLE, IT WORKS! So BE INSPIRED! BE COURAGEOUS! BE OUTSTANDING! 

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