Recently, my husband and I were reminiscing about our early days as highschool sweethearts at Brooklyn Tech H.S. in NYC. Class of '82! Woohoo! He was an aeronautics major on the football team and I was an architecture major on the cheering squad! Fun times! During that conversation, I recalled what my VISION and DREAMS were for my future at that time. I saw this picture of my future self...

Married To My Soulmate (Vincent)
* 2 Children- 1 Girl, 1 Boy
* Living In A Beautiful Home With A Yard
* Owning My Own Business (that makes a real difference in the lives of others)
* Dance Instructor/ Choreographer 
* College Degree
* Educator
* Driving A Cute But Practical "Mommy" Car, Red or Burgundy!  

I always kept this picture in my mind and in my heart. I was so passionate about it! As I worked toward it little by little, my "future" self became my "now" self. It took a little over 20 years for the whole of my dreams to physically manifest and as they did, I was so happy, grateful and ready to receive each one of them... 

* My Husband and Soulmate, Vincent! 
* Our Two Children: 1 Girl- Nakkiyya Amira! 1 Boy- Hasaan Ajaye! 
* Our Beautiful Home with a Yard (one of the last dreams to manifest and we actually watched it being built from the ground up!)
* My Own (Homebased) Business- DYNAMICMOM ENTERPRISES (that makes a real difference in the lives of homemakers, moms and wives!) 
* Dancer/Instructor/Choreographer (Modern, Jazz, Bellydance)! 
* Liberal Arts/ Social Science Degree: College of New Rochelle Class of '98 (with HONORS, 2 babies and a husband!) HARD WORK!
* Educator: Cultural & Performing Arts, Feminine Empowerment, AND Homeschooled Our Children (for 11years!) 
* My Cute Burgundy-Red Hyundai Tuscon SUV! We call it- "The DynamicMom Mobile!" 


But the saying is true, "Be Careful What You Wish For, You Just Might Get It!" I say, YOU WILL Get It!" Along with the fulfillment of my dreams...came a humbling reminder. With every blessing came the "next level challenges, lessons and tests." And as it turns out, by the grace of The Most High, I was ready for those too. What doesn't break you, makes you stronger and more wise, right? So true! So true! Wow!   

Vincent and I are now married 31-1/2 years... and counting, Praise be to the Most High! 

Our children are now ages 27yrs- Nakkiyya and 25yrs- Hasaan. They are living incredible lives by their design; and it is so amazing to watch their visions unfold and manifest as they grow. 

In raising them I've learned that as we MOVE towards our future and our dreams with Intention, VISION, Passion and Joy; we CREATE footprints in the sand for our children to follow. Here they can IMAGINE how they can CREATE and MOVE towards their future and manifest their dreams! It's a dynamic relationship. A beautiful authentic journey for us all!  


Keep Dreaming! Keep Moving! When We Have VISION, Our Families Win! We Are UNSTOPPABLE! 

BE INSPIRED! Blessings and Happiness!

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