ABUNDANT BEAUTY, HEALTH, HAPPINESS and WEALTH! I am so happy to be back with you! I've been continuing on this path of 90 Day Transformation Cycles for mySELF and my business, DYNAMICMOM ENTERPRISES. Along this 2 year journey so far, with the ebb and flow of growth and progress, I've been inspired to take small breaks from all my online, outer spaces and go within to reconnect, realign and BREATTHE: Be Relaxed Energy Always Transcending To Higher Elevation! The challenge in taking any project forward; especially "project me"; can become overwhelming and steal our breath away, literally. As we try new ideas and concepts, if we don't have enough clarity or certainty, the FEAR of not knowing how things will turn out or how they will be received can really stress us out if we let it! And making decisions based in fear never work in our best interest.

I'm learning that when we don't stop to BREATTHE, we sometimes create this gargantuan task within our project, that grows so big in our minds that it can shut us down in our mind-body-spirit. We start telling ourselves things like, "What was I thinking, I've got way too much on my plate to do this" or "Nobody's gonna get this" or "I just can't do this!" When we start questioning ourselves and our actions, that's a notification that it's time to make the choice to STOP and BREATTHE! I became overwhelmed with all the goals that I created for myself on this part of my Transformation Project and I needed to BREATTHE, so I stopped posting to my blogs and social media. I realized that I needed to focus on living and creating so that I had something to share. And during these now 4 months that I've been silent, I went within to live, to reconnect, realign and birth new information. And explore new ways to share this information with you that engage and celebrate my happiness and authentic creativity! My upcoming book is a result of this experience! So excited! I'll keep you posted for the release date!

I also realized that I overwhelmed myself because I told myself lies, that all my written offerings had to be these perfect, long profound novel style blogs and posts that I labored over for hours and days that would blow your mind EVERYTIME! It was exhausting just thinking about it! I was not loving mySELF doing that. I learned that a great graphic with a short and concise few words or short story following it, can offer just as powerful a message! So I can continue now! Allowing mySELF to Let Go and BREATTHE, opened up a space of Freedom and Belief within me, and with that, I hope to open up that space within you.

My sistah, I encourage you to STOP and BREATTHE: Be Relaxed Energy Always Transcending To Higher Elevation! Create that Powerful Space of FREEDOM and BELIEF inside of you so that you can Engage and Celebrate Your Happiness and Authentic Creativity! BREATTHE Into Your Next Level!

BE INSPIRED! Blessings & Happiness!

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  1. I so needed to read this right at this moment. I have been feeling overwhelmed with all that I have to do, all that I want to do and all that I need to do. Thank you for this. I am going to make this my screen saver to remind me of this very important word......BREATHE!


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