Every Tuesday Morning, I become ONE with my house plants, my tree and my healing edible kitchen garden. I really look forward to this homemaking time each week because I feel an enlightened peace and love as I connect with Mother Nature, The EARTH QUEEN! While I'm watering, pruning, transplanting, tasting and just overall enjoying the beauty and majesty of the plant world, I have music playing for us as well. Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker, Sade, India Arie, Bill Withers, John Coltrane, Alice Coltrane, Michael Jackson and of course Prince are some of our faves. For the past few Tuesdays we've been vibin' with Des'ree! A Glorious Sistah Queen, Song Writer, Poet, Producer! I purchased her CD, "I AIN'T MOVIN" in 1994 and have been listening and choreographing beautiful dance, yoga and workout pieces to ever since! 

Today, my spirit was really in tune with the lyrics of the Title Song, "I Ain't Movin" where Sistah Des'ree sings...

"Time's much too short to be livin' somebody else's life/ I walk with dignity, I step with pride/ Cause I ain't movin' from my face, from my race, from my history/ I ain't movin' from my love, my peaceful dove, it means too much to me/ Lovin' Self can be so hard/ Honesty can be demanding/ Learn to love yourself, it's a great, great feeling" ~Des'ree, I Ain't Movin'

These words are so powerful! I'm feeling emotional and transformed right now just typing them and I decided that this is my new mantra. It Speaks LIFE, BEAUTY, SELF LOVE and RESPECT into my feminine mind-body-spirit! It Inspires "I" (my center of BE-ING), throughout my day as a Dynamic Black Woman, Mom, Wife and Homemaker! It Compliments the foundation for my business, DYNAMICMOM ENTERPRISES! It Empowers my work in Supporting and Promoting Black Products and Black Businesses with The Buy Black Movement! So I'll be typing and printing this verse of transformation and enlightenment. I will put it in my home office, my kitchen, my dressing space and my planner. I want this energy with me everywhere! Wow! The Power of HOME-MAKING: A Time For Dynamic Enlightenment, Renewal and Realignment! This is the beauty of MAKING HOME A CENTER Of LOVE, HEALING, EDUCATION, ENTERPRISE and EMPOWERMENT! This is the beauty of Knowing Thyself!

BE INSPIRED! Blessings and Happiness My Beautiful Sistahs!  

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