When was the last time you hosted a celebration? You know a birthday party, an anniversary party, graduation, family reunion? We're very comfortable and capable of outwardly lavishing praise, honor and gifts on others aren't we? In many cases, our family and friends expect nothing less from us. Now, consider this question. How comfortable would you be if I asked you to host a celebration for YOU right now? That's right. I'm asking YOU to CELEBRATE YOU right this very moment. Why? Take a minute to reflect on all the wonderful things that you did for your family, friends or co-workers today. Think about how you got the kids off to school on time. What about when you held the train door open for person running behind you on your way to work, or that driver who you let turn before you in the intersection. How about that fabulous dinner you put together when you didn't have a clue what to prepare, or the time you spent listening to your girlfriend talk through a problem on the phone?

You made things happen in the world today. By your small jesture, someone was able to go on with their day and impact the world in their way! You are so amazing and so worthy of a celebration! So give yourself your props, even if no one else does. I CELEBRATE YOU MY SISTAH! Join me, and CELEBRATE YOURSELF!

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  1. Truly Inspiring. Thank you so much!

  2. A whole new positive way to look at what my life is right now. Thank you!


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