Today's mom is a dynamic representation of a 21st Century Woman! We are the ultimate multi-taskers, even more so than our mothers were. As the HOMEMAKER, we're the housekeeper, house manager, organizer, nutritionist and personal chef. As the FAMILY MANAGER, we're the social and business appointment secretary, the project planner, family publicist, driver, personal shopper, and accountant/budget manager. We're also the SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGIST, EDUCATOR, FASHION STYLIST, NURSE, LIFE COACH and in addition to these jobs, we must also be TECHNO-COMMUNICATIONS/SOCIAL NETWORKING EXPERTS just to talk to our kids! We've got to be able to EMAIL, TEXT, IM, MYSPACE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, MEBO and whatever else is out there! It seems the days of talking Face to Face have gone the way of the 8 track Cassette! And let's not forget that beautiful seductive SEX KITTEN that us wives have to become when we get that tap on the shoulder or playful nudge from the back;) Why are we not in a corner somewhere sucking our thumbs and twirling our hair?

Because we're MOMS that's why! M.O.M.S. Miraculous Outstanding Marvelous Sistahs! We make it happen! But we need each other to keep it together so, 21st Century MOMS Unite! Tell all the MOMS you know, who they really are! MIRACULOUS, OUTSTANDING, MARVELOUS SISTAHS! Work it MOMS! I love you!