This pledge is a promise to your Inner-Wombman. It came through me in the early spring of this year and I take joy in sharing it with you. I pray that it empowers you each time you read it as it does me. And So WE WILL...
MEDITATE & B.R.E.A.T.T.H.E. Though The Situations In My Day
ORGANIZE My Space to Clear Stress Away
MOVE My Total Body To Loosen Energy Trapped Within
SPEAK Words That Call Empowered Vibration To Light With Karmic Zen
PRACTICE What I Preach
INSPIRE My Higher Self
READ To Improve My Understanding
TEACH To Improve My Wealth
INVEST In My Well-Being, To Lift My Spirits Hiyah
OPEN My Mind To Positive Thoughts When I'm Going Through The Fiyah
NURTURE What's Important To Me, That's Where I'll Spend My Time
SEE Myself As A Fabulous WOMBMAN Who Let's Her Diva Shine!

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