I read some interesting statistics recently. The information said the Black Women have some of the highest rates of dis-ease regarding Breast Cancer, Fibrocystic Breasts, Fibroid Tumors, Hysterectomy, Depression and Obesity of any other group. We also lead in Asthma, Diabeties and Heart Dis-ease. I have sistah-friends and family who suffer from each of the above and in my past, I have battled with Fibrocystic Breasts, Depression and Asthma as well. Side affects from the pills, and treatments prescribed by mainstream medical establishment only serve to harm us even further. Yet we are expected to perform our duties as wives, mothers, grandmothers, significant others, daughters, sisters, aunties, friends, co-workers, business owners, career women and so much more; in the midst of the chaos that is wreaking havoc within our collective body, mind and spirit. My sistah's, when one of us suffers from dis-ease, so do we all. But WE CAN Right This Wrong. There MUST be a collective cleansing of our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits. WE ARE THE HEALING THAT WE SEEK. The foundation of healing is the remembrance of who we are. WE ARE LIGHT. WE ARE KINETIC ENERGY! We are spirit engaging in a human experience. Spirit is meant to soar! But Spirit cannot take flight when the body is under stress, duress and grounded in the toxicity of dis-ease and stagnant $n$rgy flow. We MUST collectively embrace ourselves in fullness and self mastery. We MUST engage in the collective reality that is the COSMIC DANCE which brings forth the harmonizing vibration of healing, wealth & wellness. We MUST choose the lifeway, not an artificial death. Dis-ease is man-made and can be reversed by an organic, wholistic, authentic LIFEstyle Balance. We MUST choose to MOVE OUR BODIES and dislodge the the stress that makes our cells malform causing the false conditions of existence above. Let's master our true selves my sistah's. Embrace The Fullness That Is You!

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