As busy women, wives and mothers, Making Decisions is a huge part of our lives. Everyday we're faced with a myriad of decisions from What do I cook for dinner?, Do I need to pack an extra sweater for her?, Should I make cookies or cupcakes for the bake sale?, Should I homeschool?, Should I let him go to that party?, Should I volunteer for yet another committee?, How can I pay for all this highschool graduation stuff?, Should I pay the power bill or the phone bill?, How will I have time to shop for our anniversary gift, drop the kids at karate and dance AND get my paper done for class? And that's just today! WOW! Can You Say STRESS!!  I sure can! That's why I created THE F.L.O.W.B.A.R. Process; To Decrease Stress For Better Decision Making. I shared this system on my weekly MOMSPIRATIONS EMPOWERMENT CALL and one fabulous mom had immediate success applying the process and concepts! I LOVE THAT!

F.L.O.W.B.A.R. is an acronym. I really like displaying concepts as an acronym because it helps me retain them better. I hope it will do the same for you. Here is what I shared with the women on the call!

To Make A Decreased Stress Decision, Implement The Following:

F- Be FLEXIBLE explore choices, FOCUS on your FEELINGSFOLLOW your FIRST Mind
L- LAUGH to LIFT your Spirit, Make your decision from LOVE, LEVERAGE your time
O- Be OPEN to receiving help, embrace OPPORTUNITY, ORGANIZE your schedule, ORDER your steps
W- WRITE pro and con WORDS on paper, ask yourself WHY, Go for The WOW!

B- BE true to your Personal BELIEFS and Values. Consider the cost (compromise)
A- ASK yourSELF if the ACTIVITY and energy you will have to put forth is worth it
R- Begin with the end in mind for the Best RESULTS 

From today forward, never allow Stress to be a part of your decision making experience. "Stress Is NOT Fabulous!" AND it can take our lives, literally. Always honor yourSELF in your decision making with The FLOW BAR Process and WOW yourSELF with your results! 
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