With so many pressing issues and events happening in the world and in our lives today, there's a pervasive kind of communal "heaviness" vibration in the air. Everything, all the time is so serious and demanding of our undivided attention. Sometimes we even look around at the world or rather the human beings in it; suffering or doing crazy, even horrific things to one another. Then we look at the people and situations in our personal and/or professional lives and we ask out loud, "What's the point?" Then we ask in frustrated wonder; "Why is EVERYTHING a challenge, fight or disagreement?" "Why can't my husband understand me?" "Why can't my child get it together?" "Why does my co-worker continue to get on my nerves?" "Why does this keep happening to me?" Heavy, Heavy, HEAVY! And as women we  provide a home for the heaviness because we are so ready, willing and even committed to carry the weight of the world- EVERYWHERE!

Well, my sistahs, TODAY WE BEGIN ANEW! Life is but a blink. It's time to AFFIRM this GIFT OF THE PRESENT and BREATHE, Get Lifted In Joy, LIGHTEN UP! I know you're probably saying, "What is she talking about, with ALL that I have going on? I Don't Have Time To LIGHTEN UP!" Well just think about it. What would happen in your life if you put more attention on what makes you HAPPY?! How about waking up everyday DIVINE ENERGY allows you to and REJOICE in Prayer and GRATITUDE! What if you made it your FOCUS and INTENTION to SHARE, SMILE, HUG, LAUGH even PLAY! WOW! Get into your FUN FLOW at some point during your GIFT of TODAY! MOVE the energy in your body! CREATE something! Dance, Sing, Cook, Walk, Paint, Play Your Instrument, Write, Ride your bike! Take a Yoga Class, Bellydance, Get a facial, Play with your makeup , Put on your Fabulous Dress, Shoes and Bag and take yourself out to Lunch! Just Glorify In Your Fabulous-ness! Relax in a bubble bath then ROCK your favorite FEEL GOOD tune as you dry your beautiful body in the mirror! Can you say "Bathroom Party?!" Woohoo!

Make time for your JOY! GET LIFTED! LIGHTEN UP! The heavy stuff will still be there but guess what, you'll see it and deal with it in RENEWED, ILLUMINATED, DYNAMIC ENERGY!

So many of our sistah-friends have received their eternal wings and did not wake up to experience this gift of today. YOU DID! DON'T WASTE IT!