AS BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMEN, THE HOME IS OUR POWERFUL DOMAIN. As wives and mothers I say we are collectively; The DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RESOURSES & HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT and We Work For Our Family! The next time someone asks you what you do or who you work for, tell them that. It is our Divine Responsibility to "Make A Home" by setting the STANDARDS, SYSTEMS & TONE that provide the Spiritual and Foundational Center for the Health, Wealth and; Happiness for our families. Over the 30 years of marriage and; motherhood; 11 of those years as a Homeschooling Family; 19 as a Homebased Mompreneur (by choice!); I've had the opportunity to observe the unique way my family and I "live in" the living spaces of our home, It inspired me to take a creative approach to my "Home-making" in order to serve my family better. Through what I now call "DYNAMICMOM DESIGN", I've been able to Re-Imagine, Re-Define & Re-Design fabulous Living Spaces that support and empower my family everyday. Though DYNAMICMOM ENTERPRISES, I help other women do the same! In this post, I'm sharing 3 Fabulous Tools that have given me organization, beauty and peace of mind! Here they are:


This is a tool that I believe EVERY family needs! (and yes, that is our AARP Bulletin in the basket:-) Anyway, How many times you misplaced that Bill that was due yesterday? Who gets the mail at your house and where does it end up when it makes its way inside? Did you stuff it in your bag to keep your kids from bickering as you put the key in the door? Did it get tossed "somewhere" on the kitchen table or counter and is now buried in a pile of last weeks papers or better yet is covered in spaghetti sauce? THE MAIL BASKET alleviates all that madness! I chose a wire basket to fit with our black metal shelving unit in the family office area. You can pick up any style of basket that matches your décor from any big box, office supply or discount store and place it in a common family area or your home office area (I have a home office post coming soon). I purchased this basket at my local Office Max. After you purchase and place your basket in it's new home, bring your children and your hubby to the basket for an introduction. Teach them what the basket is and what it is for... INCOMING MAIL ONLY! The mail should come directly from the mailbox; straight, no chaser, no diversions, no bathroom pit-stops; to the mail basket! If you don't already have one, GET ONE! It'll change your life, I promise! 


I Love, Love, LOVE this one! It's a fabulous homemaker tool and storage solution! I purchased this one from QVC.com to store my shoes. It's called the Pop It Collapsible 24 Qube Organization Storage System. It arrives in a big flat box and just pops open to what you see here. NO TOOLS, No Assembly. It's been a fabulous addition to my dressing room (dressing room tour post coming next week!). I placed 24 pairs of shoes in the cubbies and 4 pairs of boots on top. I believe "If you see them, you'll wear them!" I used "toe-heel" positioning for each pair. That allows me to get a full view of each shoe when I'm deciding which ones I want to rock with my outfit. This open organizer also helps me to keep variety in my shoe collection which helps me save money (I won't buy the same shoe twice) and it also serves as my accounting system which helps keep shoe clutter at bay. I always keep this number of shoes and no more. When I buy a new pair of shoes, I give 1 pair away. If I buy 2, I give away 2. My husband Vincent and I used this concept with our kids as they grew up (toys, clothes, shoes, etc). He and I still use it with our clothes as well. So this storage system helps me save space by giving, save money and stay organized. I'm purchasing another for the foyer because we don't wear shoes in the house. Our guests can store their shoes, purses, keys & phones while they visit! The possibilities for a unit like this are endless! What about your kids toys, books, shoes, even small backpacks. What about YOUR shoes or bags? Fabulous Homemakers Organize Fabulously!!  


My husband Vincent and I are voracious readers! We've purchased lots of books and encouraged reading in our home throughout our children's lives. We instilled the vibration of reading in them even before they were born. We read to them in my womb. As a result they both stared reading very early, Hasaan was reading fluently at age 4! Through our 11 years of homeschooling it was second nature for both Nakkiyya and Hasaan to cuddle up with a favorite book or grab one to take along in their backpacks on the way to their afterschool programs, summer day camp, the museum, grandmas house or the book store to buy more books! For my family, I chose to house our growing book collection in our HOME LIBRARY! It started as a small bookshelf and now we're blessed to have a beautiful room dedicated to our Library/Study. During the end of our homeschooling years, we had work tables in here, but now its transitioned into a great space to store and showcase our books, read, write or have discussions. I meet with moms that I coach in this space too. Vincent and I even have Book Club Meetings in our library; when it's our book selection; with our awesome 22 year (and counting) Couples Book Club. It's us and two other married couples our dear, dear friends. We just bring in some extra chairs or sit on the floor after our fabulous meal (that I cooked of course) and let the discussion begin! I believe READERS RAISE LEADERS! My mother is a reader, educator and scholar who always had and still has an amazing collection of books in her home library. That's what I know. It's how she raised my sister, brothers and I. I would lay on the couch devouring books on the weekends as a young girl. Great memories! As for today, there's a small re-design coming for our library. More shelves to house the books stored  in other rooms and of course the new ones coming in! READERS RAISE LEADERS! Even if you're not running a "Homeschool Program" your home is an Education Zone, your child's FIRST SCHOOL and YOU are the FIRST TEACHER! Create Your Home Library and let family reading time begin! 

I hope these tools and tips gave you some fabulous ideas that you'll implement immediately to Empower Your Home to Empower Your Family! 

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