ABUNDANT BEAUTY, HEALTH, HAPPINESS & WEALTH! So Excited Today Is The Launch Of Our DYNAMICMOM DAILY! It's Glam It Up Mommy Monday! Women have been beautifying, accessorizing and applying fragrance for centuries. It's part of our Daily Feminine Ritual! Although we might find ourselves misunderstood and labeled as "High Maintenance" for the attention we give to ourselves by the people closes to us, we MUST embrace this ritual. Accepting and attending to our beauty keeps up in Divine Authentic Alignment and RENEWS OUR SPIRIT within. It also RAISES THE VIBRATION OF FEMININE ENERGY throughout Mother Earth. And while TEACHING our Daughters HOW to live in their "wombman" energy we're teaching our sons and husbands how to respect it. As busy women, mothers & wives daily practice of our Beauty Ritual allows us a SPACE IN TIME to revel in our glorious femininity! So bathe in luxurious scented bath, smooth on your softest lotion or oil, scent your body in your favorite fragrance, pop those eyes with a daring mascara and shimmer those beautiful lips with a marvelous gloss! Slide into a fabulous dress, do up your hair, add your jewelry and step into your diva heels! This is not a gift or a special event deal, this YOU, Loving On You, EVERYDAY! Be Empowered! DISCOVER YOUR GLAM and WOORK IT!

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