AS BLACK WOMEN, THE HOME IS OUR POWERFUL DOMAIN. As wives and mothers I say we are collectively; The DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RESOURSES & HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT and We Work For Our Family! The next time someone asks you what you do or who you work for, tell them that. It is our Divine Responsibility to "Make A Home" by setting the STANDARDS, SYSTEMS & TONE that provide the Spiritual and Foundational Center for the Health, Wealth and Happiness for our families. Over the 30 years of marriage and; motherhood; 11 of those years as a Homeschooling Family; 19 as a Homebased Mompreneur (by choice!); I've had the opportunity to observe the unique way my family and I "live in" the living spaces of our home, It inspired me to take a creative approach to my "Home-making" in order to serve my family better. Through what I now call "DYNAMICMOM DESIGN", I've been able to Create HOME MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS and FABULOUS LIVING SPACES that ALIGN WITH MY FAMILY'S FLOW, BEHAVIORS and LEARNING STYLES! Though DYNAMICMOM ENTERPRISES, I help other women do the same! In this post, I'm sharing 2 Fabulous Home Management Systems that have given me organization and  mind-body-spirit peace!



This is a tool that I believe EVERY family needs! (and yes, that is our AARP Bulletin in the basket:-) THE MAIL BASKET alleviates the question asked in families far and wide; "Where's The Mail?" I chose a wire basket to fit with our black metal shelving unit in the family office area. You can pick up any style of basket that matches your décor from any big box, office supply or discount store and place it in a common family area or your home office area (I have a home office post coming soon). I purchased this basket at my local Office Max. After you purchase and place your basket in it's new home, bring your children and your hubby to the basket for an introduction. Teach them what the basket is and what it is for... INCOMING MAIL ONLY! The mail should come directly from the mailbox; straight, no chaser, no diversions, no bathroom pit-stops; to the mail basket! If you don't already have one, GET ONE! It'll change your life, I promise! 


Now that the incoming mail is in the Mail Basket, what's next? Now we decide what stays in the basket for pickup and what goes! Enter THE SHREDDER and THE TRASH BASKET! The pieces of mail in your basket that you determine as "Junk" mail or any documents that contain your personal information should meet The Shredder! The store circulars, sale papers, etc that you don't want, go into the Circular File, THE TRASH BASKET! I purchased our shredder online at HSN.com. It's a cross shred so the paper is like confetti, great to repurpose as packing material or for your next party! We get great use out of it as you can see:-)

I purchased the trash basket from Office Max and added a liner. This basket is for "papers only" but with a family, sometimes you never know:-)  



Laundry is yet another chore that more times than not falls to the lady of the house! With THE LAUNDRY SCHEDULE, it becomes a Family Affair! This is our Family Laundry Schedule that I had displayed on the wall of our Laundry Room when our children where older teens. It worked wonders! Behaviorally, my family are what I call "Tossers". A clothes hamper never worked for us so I decided to get everyone their own individual Laundry Baskets that we could "Toss" our dirty clothes in and carry to the Laundry Room On Your Designated Day, ONLY! I made the schedule in alignment with everyone's work and school schedules. The rules are in plain sight! This is a great concept for younger children as well. It teaches taking turns, working together and communal responsibility!


A GOOD HOMEMAKER studies how her family "lives" in the living spaces of their home. Our Home Management Systems should align with our family's Flow, Behaviors & Learning Styles. The members of my Family are VISUAL, "TOSSERS" and have CLEARLY DEFINED AT HOME HABITS! So I created OPEN CONCEPT, GRAPHIC SYSTEMS that are easily in view, become personal habits and allow us to co-exist successfully in harmony and happiness! 

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