**(I'm no longer offering this service as of 10/1/15)

WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY TODAY! EMPOWERING MARRIAGE and FAMILY THROUGH TRAVEL! One of my favorite offerings! I was working with a New Client Referral from a fabulous longtime client. She and hubby are 1st time cruisers and they chose me to share in the experience and handle the details for them! How fab!

Cruising is a fabulous, fun way for us married folks to engage and connect in Mind-Body & Spirit! This picture brings back beautiful memories, our 1st cruise after the kids were all grown up! Looking forward to many more with my sweetielove! (30 years and counting!) And now we get paid to Cruise like this! Woohoo!

TRAVEL EMPOWERS OUR FAMILIES As we create lifetime memories experiencing the world together! THE WORLD IS THE CLASSROOM AND TRAVEL IS THE TEACHER!

I AM SO HAPPY AND GRATEFUL to offer families a way to make TRAVEL an integral part of their lives! Through DynamicMom Travel Network, We Can GROW OUR LOVE, OUR MEMORIES AND OUR INCOME, ONE VACATION AT A TIME! What A blessing!!

Oh, Can't Forget My CLIENT UPDATE! The CRUISE IS BOOKED! My 1st Time Cruisers Are Ecstatic! It's beautiful to see someone smile but to hear their heart smile is priceless! Another Marriage Empowered By DYNAMICMOM TRAVEL & DYNAMICMOM ENTERPRISES! Coffee Time! Cheers!

**This Post Was For DYNAMICMOM DAILY: "TRAVEL THURSDAY" but was published after midnight. Working Long Tonight. It's All Good! :-)

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