One of the most important tools for me in my many years of working from home has been my HOME OFFICE/WORKSPACE. Whether its been a tiny space in the corner of the living room in our previous apartment, or the dining room in our current home; my workspace MUST inspire PRODUCTIVITY, CREATIVITY, have super ORGANIZATION and of course, BE PRETTY! It has to be a space that I feel excited to work in everyday and successfully blessed when I shut it down at night! I LOVE MY HOME OFFICE/WORKSPACE! The Energy of the Women, Moms and Wives that I serve resides here. I coach them on the phone and book their workshops and vacations from here! They're not just names in my client binder. I can point to any name and instantly recall something amazing about her. I love That! I love when hubby or my son or daughter come to hang out for a minute and talk, or a when a mommy business associate stops by for quick meeting. I read, study and learn from my personal coaches here. I film my videos, do webinars, write my blog, do my social media, edit my website and design all my services and marketing materials here! I organize and plan in my Planner and work on my 90 Day Transformation Projects here (Sticky Note Heaven!), Tele-Classes, Conference Calls, Wow! My Home Office is Amazing! Productive yet Peaceful! It also brings more income into our household. not just product sales, but  tax deductions too! Looove that! When I feel alittle stuck, I work on a Vision Board or change the energy with a Re-Design! It works! I hope you're inspired to create a beautiful, fabulous office/workspace in your home, no matter the size. It's Unique, It's Pretty, It's Productive and It's All Yours! I'm here to help.

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