WOW! I Woke Up On August 11, 2015 To Be Greeted With The Gift Of 51 Years! I Am so happy and grateful for the precious gift of having another year with my family, friends and clients and being in great health to enjoy it! If I could share anything with you at this time it would be this: LIVE BIG! LIVE NOW! Don't wait for "the time to be right", "the money to be right" or "lining up your ducks in a row". THE TIME IS NOW, THE MONEY WILL GROW and THE DUCKS ARE FINE! But if they're not, so what! You have breath in your body NOW! You have life in your body TODAY! Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. SAY YES to your Authentic Life and TAKE ACTION TODAY! Live fully without hesitation, apology or explanation! MOVE WITHIN YOUR PASSION! EMBRACE CHANGE and CHOOSE HAPPINESS! That's how I choose to live and I'd love to show you how to live there too! As always I wish you all Abundant Beauty, Health, Happiness and Wealth! Enjoy my bday pics! 

(Above) My New Facebook Cover Picture I Designed To Celebrate 51 years and The Re-Branding Of 

(Above) Pre-Bday Dinner At Red Lobster With Hubby and "Alien" (on his shirt, lol!)

 (Above) Vincent Is Baffled By My Selfie Stick, lol! So Cute!

(Above) August 11th! Shared The First Part Of My Bday With My Handsome Son Hasaan Before He Left For Work! He Took The Picks Of Me In My Fab Red Vintage AVON Wrap Dress (and Shoes)!

(Above) This Chocolate Mousse Cake Was Divine At My Bday Dinner At The Olive Garden! Our Server Took Great Care Of Us! We Had A Ball!

(Above) Dinner Was Lovely With Hubby and our Lovely Diva Daughter, Nakkiyya! They Took Me Out Straight After Work.The Food was Wonderful, The Service Was Wonderful And The Manager Comped Our Full Dessert Order When He learned I was 51 as was My Husband and Our Lovely Daughter was 27! He and his Staff Were Amazed! lol! He took This Picture for Us!

(Above) MY BEAUTIFUL, SPARKLE CARDS and GIFT! My Family Knows Me Well! 

(Above) Icecream and Cake Pajama Party With Hubby and Son! That's Vincent's Smooth Look In The Back, lol! And I'm Wearing My Fave Leopard Robe and Hasaan Is wearing His Gorgeous Smile! Fun, Blessed Day!  

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