Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation that is extremely stressful and tension filled. If we perceive this to be some sort of test or trial from on high, we're probably right. Now it's up to us to learn the lessons, make the necessary changes in our lives and pass the test. If we don't learn and self correct, the test WILL present itself again and again. Spiritual tests are necessary for our personal growth and development. They shine a light on the problem (our weakness), present the solution and challenge us to embrace it. 

If we encounter difficulty in conquering the challenge and moving past the test, it indicates that we are out of Divine Alignment, still "inside" of the problem. Connected to it. In relationship with it, like a partnership or soulmate. We must position ourselves "outside" of the issue to get a different perspective on it, to be able to accept the solution. In order to do that...we must B.R.E.A.T.T.H.E!  BE RELAXED ENERGY ALWAYS TRANSCENDING TO HIGHER ELEVATION! 

The Strength Of The Human Spirit Is Incredible. The Strength Of The Human Feminine Spirit Is PHENOMENAL! 

B.R.E.A.T.T.H.E and Believe!

*This post was inspired by a social media post I saw today from a sistah-friend going through a test. I know she will be just fine!

BE INSPIRED! Blessings and Happiness!

"The DynamicMom"
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