As Black Women, Homemakers, Moms and Wives; we ALWAYS have something we need to do and somewhere we need to be. Many times we are so focused on what happened yesterday or what we need to make happen for tomorrow that we totally lose track of TODAY! Our Mind and Body is in such a whirl that our Spirit gets lost in the mix. TODAY IS THE PRESENT.. A GIFT! And if we don't pay attention, accept and acknowledge it, we miss out on something important and beautiful. When we dis-honor the DIVINE PRESENT, we slowly shut the door on future gifts and blessings. So RIGHT NOW as you read this *STOP What You're Doing *LOOK Out At Your World and *LISTEN To The Song Of Your Life! You brought this moment into being through your choices and actions so take a breath and experience it! Quietly focus your MIND and BODY and let your SPIRIT dance and flow in Celebration and Gratitude! If you feel that adjustments need to be made, then choose to make them as you Live In THIS Now Moment! BE Here, Right Now, In Love, Awareness and Acceptance! Your Present!

BE INSPIRED! Blessings and Happiness! 

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  1. So Beautiful. So Warm. So Giving. So True. So You!. And now, so Me. Thank you, Dynamic Mom, for another wonderful sharing.
    Love you, Mom


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